Saturday, July 4, 2020

Forms Beyond Form

For Solomon Stations, I want to push the boundaries of what exactly it is you are playing as ....
In all senses, "jobs", "species," "skills", "identities" etc.
Want the characters to emerge from the fuzzy potential in the spaces between systems and categories.

So while I started with four "races/species": Human, Android, Drone and Ancillary/Avatar, I'm now experimenting into much broader, more open "forms", more suggestions than anything. Each Form might have a couple bullets or a sentence of description, but likely I'll leave it up to the player to interpret what it actually is (especially in (re)combination with the skills they roll).

Here are d20 "Forms" for Solomon Stations and other far-future / post-human / high-wonder sci-fi...

d20 "Forms"
  1. Android
  2. Archive
  3. Avatar
  4. Biome
  5. Circuit
  6. Colony
  7. Complex
  8. Drone
  9. Fox
  10. Glimmer
  11. Human
  12. Network
  13. Projection
  14. Recorder
  15. Ship
  16. Sparrow
  17. Spectrum
  18. Swarm
  19. Vessel
  20. Weather

Here are a few characters incorporating the new Forms:
(from the v3 character generator)



What do you think of these Forms?

Are there others you would add to this list?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Some Moons - Random Moon Generator

"Full moon"
"Mega moon"
"Super blood harvest moon"
"Frost moon"


So I created this generator to provide EVEN MORE MOONS (fantastic, outlandish, suggestive, what have you).

Use this to create some interesting moons for your setting.
How does the moon influence the characters?
How does the world change during this moon?

I started with the moon phases (new, crescent, full, meta, micro, etc), and added in attributes and professions (many of which come from Troika and Electric Bastionland)

For extra fun, I threw in an "amount of moons" to occasionally throw out some bonus (double, triple, infinity) moons.

Here's what's going on behind the scenes:

Now... forget the annotations!

I love the slipperiness and openness of the language here.
"Drowning" can refer to the moon or to the "Chaos Champion"
Is "New" describing the moon itself, or is it a newly drowning Chaos Champion?

I left the structure deliberately open to this kind of fluid interpretation.

Here are some others I am digging:

Have fun with the generator, and share your favorites in comments below!
(Also, you can copy and "edit" the generator to create your own versions)

Ok, one more:

Monday, June 22, 2020

Faction Inspiration: Expression

Let's look at one of the many factions interested in the Solomon Stations: Expression.

(Images below can be found on my pinterest board for the Expression faction)

This faction basically answers the question: what would artists do if they discovered ancient powerful tech that would allow them to bend reality in service of their artistic vision? How could they express themselves if freed from the constraints of the oh-so-tired "laws" of physics?

  • Massive environmental art (solar system as installation art?)
  • Body augmentation
  • Merging with the environment
  • Inscribing hyper-dimensional geometries on lower-order surfaces
  • Collecting and connecting objects, sacred and mundane
  • Translating via the body
  • Expanding and bending light (red shift, blue shift, black (w)hole)
Like the other factions exploring the Solomon Stations, Expression will have unique tech and code they've developed on the Stations.

What weird tech do you think that artists would create if they were empowered by an ancient alien intelligence?

Which artists do you think would benefit from a trip to a Station to help them expand their work?

Glitch Corps! (a Spotify Playlist-based Sandbox (SPbS))

Character and setting generation ideas sampled and remixed from Genre Glitch playlist on Spotify:

All language used is from song titles, artist names, album names, etc.

Organized for use in Troika, but can be used in any system.

No descriptions or stats, just language open to interpretation.

Go crazy with it.

You are a member of the elite Glitch Corps…

Create a character and decide what the Glitch Corps actually does, and then … do that?


You get a sampler, headphones, a portable broadcast unit, and 2-4 of the following:

  1. Viewfinder

  2. Persuasion system

  3. Nervelevers

  4. Ecstasy of St Teresa

  5. Cherry soda

  6. Fruit salad

  7. Nexus

  8. Skee mask

  9. RX -101

  10. Warm electronics box

  11. Object blue

  12. Rosé 

  13. Escape pod

  14. Stereo cube 

  15. Dopamine

  16. Datasset

  17. Downlink

  18. SFV Acid 

  19. Autumn keys

  20. Drip of: (d6)

    1. Infinity

    2. Conflict

    3. Ancestors

    4. Bias

    5. Sequences 

    6. Time


  1. Green

  2. HYENA

  3. sparrow 

  4. Stone

  5. Tycho

  6. Hiro

  7. Sinjin

  8. Rockledge 3A


  1. Watermelon woman

  2. Full Panther

  3. Brainwaltzera

  4. Meteologist

  5. Multirex

  6. Player Dave

  7. Icarus 

  8. Natureboy


  1. Escapism

  2. Debiasing

  3. Street talk

  4. Color palettes

  5. Dreamlike

  6. Veil

  7. Stories

  8. Superstructure

  9. Anomalie

  10. Juggling of numbers

  11. Special request

  12. Salutations

  13. THIRST

  14. Harvest

  15. Sequences

  16. We

  17. Gone

  18. Remix

  19. Serenity

  20. Wolf

(General Skills)

Not pulled from song titles, but skills generally expected from Glitch Corps members…

  • Glitch 

  • Beat 

  • Static 

  • Dance 

  • Drop



  2. Promise you'll haunt me

  3. Fracture remix

  4. The soft pink truth 

  5. Move in silence

  6. Laika's revenge

  7. Broadcast profanity delay

  8. Understanding the possibility

  9. Floating points

  10. Darkstar

  11. Dayzero 

  12. Booth thrust

  13. Dorian concept

  14. Ghostly swim

  15. Weather the storm

  16. Transactional relationship

  17. Drumno

  18. XYZ (examine your zed)

  19. Canone Infinito

  20. Feed My Ancestors


  1. Shadow of like and likeness

  2. Concrete spire

  3. Central airport

  4. Arse end of the moon

  5. Maple Mountain 

  6. Emerald Lake

  7. Junkyard

  8. Holodec

  9. Club Winston

  10. (two locations mashed-up)


  1. Elephant kiosk

  2. Misfits

  3. Bones

  4. Grippers

  5. Deadheads

  6. Gold Panda

Stat and season to taste...

Friday, April 17, 2020

Some code fragments

Working on an expansive generator to create far-future sci-fi / high weirdness code fragments.

Some favorites at the moment:
  • anti-reversible coordinate interceptor
  • inter-Euclidean wave commander
  • peta-minor fact jumper
  • uni-mantic probability enveloper
  • paleo-cool excession crusher
More to come.